The Alcohol Concerns Blue Light Project

Stay is excited to take the lead on running the Alcohol Concerns, Blue Light Project here in Telford, which is an initiative that has been delivered nationally with great results.

The project focuses on helping alcohol dependant individuals with tailored support and interventions. Stay has a Blue Light Project Link Worker in place to co-ordinate a client’s journey, working with specialist organisations to ensure the best possible outcomes for the client.

The Blue Light Project offers the following:

  • Referrals to specialist services
  • Identifying barriers to change
  • Assessing risks specifically associated with problem drinking
  • Assessing physical health
  • Working with resistant drinkers
  • Enhanced personalised education
  • Building motivation and promoting self-belief
  • Harm reduction
  • Harm reduction: Diet and treatment resistant drinkers
  • Family involvement
  • Incentivising engagement
  • Multi-agency care planning
  • Outreach
  • Tackling elements associated with a drinking lifestyle
  • Containment powers for problem drinkers

Who can apply?

The blue light project targets a small client group of individuals that are alcohol dependant and who don’t engage with treatment.

How to Nominate

To nominate a client, please fill out the Blue Light Project nomination form and send this to The nomination will then be assessed at a Multi -Disciplinary Team Meeting where it will be decided if the referral is appropriate for the service or if it should be signposted to a different agency.