The types of housing Stay provides

Stay has over 70 units of accommodation which is based at several locations around the Borough of Telford and Wrekin.

Accommodation types:

Intensive Housing Management (IHM)

What is IHM?

Stay’s IHM service provides accommodation for people who, for whatever reason, find themselves homeless or potentially homeless and who may find it difficult to access or maintain mainstream housing. The service provides temporary accommodation for people who can manage a tenancy/licence with some housing support. If applicants have needs in addition to their housing, we can also make a referral for Floating Support or to other agencies that might be able to assist.
You will be fully involved and supported in all stages from the planning to the delivery of a flexible ‘Tailored Support Plan’ to achieve your aspirations.

What can we offer?

We know this can be a worrying time for our beneficiaries, so Stay has dedicated Intensive Housing Coaches who are there to provide a range of housing management services to individuals and families who are homeless or vulnerable. When an individual signs up for a tenancy/licence agreement, they will be allocated an Intensive Housing Coach who will work with them to develop a housing plan and support them during their time with Stay. Our Coaches will discuss an individual’s tenancy management needs with them on a one-to-one basis providing tailored support. The Coach will be the first point of contact for the beneficiary and will help co-ordinate any other services an individual may need.
Out of hours, our Mobile Night Concierge service is available to provide support and assistance if required.

Who can apply?

Stay Telford’s Intensive Housing is for people with housing needs who find it difficult to access mainstream housing, and/or who may need some support to manage a tenancy.You will be fully involved and supported in all stages from the planning to the delivery of a flexible ‘Tailored Support Plan’ to achieve your aspirations.

You can apply if you are:

  • Homeless or vulnerably housed (for example, living in temporary accommodation, under threat of eviction or living in inadequate accommodation)
  • Able to manage a tenancy with support
  • Able to make the weekly rent payments
  • Do not pose a risk to staff or other residents
  • Have a willingness to become tenancy ready

How can I apply?

You can apply by completing and returning a Stay Accommodation Referral Form FINAL  to the address at the back of the application form (as appropriate to the area being applied for). We can also take referrals from third parties such as Social Services, Housing Departments, Advice Agencies or Health Services.

Once an application is received, the applicant will be contacted by telephone to arrange an appointment for an interview to progress the application (usually within 10 days).

For more information or to apply for Stay’s Intensive Housing Management Service please contact us.